States that Allow Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is highly regulated in the USA. Despite the federal government’s regulations, it’s the individual states that have a say when it comes to online casinos. Only a handful of states have legalized internet wagering. Other states are still contemplating on the issue while some conservative states are against the idea. Here are the pro-online gambling states in the US.


Nevada is considered as the capital of entertainment in the world. It’s famous for its lavish land casinos. It comes as no surprise that it was the first state to embrace online gambling. From 2010, it enjoyed a total monopoly in the sports betting niche until other states joined almost two decades later. In 2013, this state also validated online poker.

New Jersey

New Jersey is the hub of online gambling. The overturning of the PASPA in 2018 can be attributed to efforts by New Jersey. Many online casinos and poker rooms have been licensed here. The types of online wagering accepted include:

• Internet casinos.

• Online sports betting.

• Online poker.


In 2019, Pennsylvania joined the bandwagon of states decriminalizing online gambling. Within that short span, many sites like Unibet and DraftKings have cropped up. You can now bet comfortably in the comfort of your home via these websites or download their apps. The primary forms of online betting allowed are sports betting, poker, and other notable casino games.


Only online sports betting is legitimate in Indiana. Mobile betting went live in October 2019, and by the tail end of that year, three sportsbooks, BetRivers, DraftKings, and FanDuel, had joined the party. There is some talk of five more sites launching soon.

Other states that have permitted only sports betting but don’t have plans for other online casino games include:

• Oregon.

• Colorado.

• Montana.

• Illinois.

• Michigan.

• Washington.