Most-Loved Casino Games in the US

Online casinos continue to thrive in the US despite gambling being legally restricted. Americans have been fond of certain traditional games which are now online. From table games to dice, there isn’t a shortage of variety either. Games from other countries have also been adapted to satisfy the curiosity of gamblers. Here are some of the most loved online casino games in the USA.

Video Poker and Poker

Poker has been the go-to game amongst many American bettors. The highlight of gambling spots like Nevada has always been the poker table. However, in recent times there has been a smooth transition from brick and mortar casinos to online sites. Nowadays, a huge chunk of the poker fan-base wager via the internet.

The appeal to play video poker variants like Deuces Wild from the comfort of people’s sofas has been hard to resist. Other vital attractions are the great poker bonuses and multi-hands found in many online casinos.

Online Craps

Although online craps has been slow in enticing the average gambler, all this is changing. This dice game offers something different from known games like slots and blackjack.

Virtual craps allows you to lay a basic strategy and the advantage of being the shooter. The “don’t pass bet” is another strategy embraced by gamblers. This bet offers irresistible odds.

American Roulette

The US has its version of roulette named American roulette. As opposed to European roulette, it features a double zero pocket. It’s rampant in the North, South, as well as in the Caribbean. It owes its popularity to its simplicity.


The lottery industry is immense. Almost half of the American population buy lottery tickets each year. Individual state governments operate most of these lotteries. Only a few states approve online lotteries, but there are enormous pressures for other states to follow suit.