Oddjob Ensemble

Sonoma County's own ragtag purveyors of old time party music

"Hailing from Sonoma County, Oddjob Ensemble performs a myriad of musical styles and collaborates with perfomance artists in Vaudevillian shows, musical theater, and the avant garde. The Ensemble, led by Kalei Yamanoha, is a trio that is comprised of trap kit, string bass and accordion. Dancing to energizing early jazz numbers, listening to ethereal folk music and stomping to raucus overtures, the crowd will have their ears twisted into a delicious musical pretzel."




“He’s in the middle, and his accordion is leading it, but he is by no means trying to grab the attention away as a front man like I will do,The songs are the frontman. He let these songs take the attention.” -Josh Windmiller (The Crux, North Bay Hootenanny, Second Octave) 

"After their interview, the band went on stage. A crowd had gathered on the dance floor for a closer look. Odd Job Ensemble was everything they described themselves to be; folk music from around the world. One moment there’s a feeling of a circus under a red and white striped tent, watching clowns and tight-rope walkers, the next is a feeling of sipping on a Sazerac in New Orleans. The different styles and tastes of each musician come through beautifully" -Emma Devitt (Sonoma State Star)

"Oddjob Ensemble’s self titled album was recorded at Gremlintone Studios near Historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. Gremlintone houses a vintage, custom built, analog recording studio owned and operated by John Courage. The entire album was recorded onto quarter inch tape, using a reel to reel 8 track recorder, before being sent to Myles Boisen in Oakland for mastering. Courage’s analog approach captures much of the old time sound that many say is lost in today’s digital recordings." -Susy Dugan (Out There SR)

"Hailing from Santa Rosa, the Oddjob Ensemble fuses folk in the tradition of Balkan and klezmer with the sounds of contemporary artists like Tom Waits and the gypsy-jazz of Django Reinhart. The result is a Hans Zimmer-esque romp. This sound is the brainchild of accordionist and composer Kalei Yamanoha" -Tyrell Trimble (Rogue Valley Messenger)

"Kalei has become a leader organizationally, artistically, and locally. He has successfully guided Oddjob Ensemble through multiple evolutions of unique band line-ups and different sounds paving way to it’s current height of composition and collaboration. Kalei’s pace is always a half step ahead of relaxing into familiar comforts. He is always out-front breaking old rules & stale limitations, challenging everything and everyone (including himself) with the unknown, with what might come next. This, for me, is one of the tell-tale signs of an artist." -Brent Lindsay (Director, The Imaginists Theater Company)